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Last week I presented at the Web Strategy Summit in Brisbane. The organisers of the event, Adam and Toby, invited me to come in and do a short presentation of 18 minutes, then a 10 minute question and answer session.

The event featured panel discussions for about 45 minutes and several 18 minute “keynotes”, so they could get through plenty of speakers. There were about 100 attendees.

I realize you probably already have my Blog Profits Blueprint since it has been available for over five years now and has been downloaded by thousands of people.

However I have never submitted the audio version to my podcast, so I’m posting it here now to get the download into iTunes and on my podcasts page.

I remember when I was putting together the Blog Mastermind course four years ago, writing lessons on how to produce powerful blog content. I felt very confident teaching this area except for one topic – how to come up with effective blog headlines...

Some of these tips might seem obvious, the same old blogging advice you have heard before. Since most bloggers don’t follow even the most basic of advice I recommend you read over these points and ask yourself if you are on track. Here we go… 7...

One of the things I enjoy the most about blogs, especially blogs that are run by one individual, is analyzing why the blog is successful. What is the magic ingredient that makes this blog succeed, when so many others fail? Based on my observations, here are...

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