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I'm currently listening to the audiobook, The Toyota Way To Lean Leadership, by Jeffrey Liker and Gary Convis. The book pertains to provide the final step in "lean methodology" by reviewing how company leadership contributes to the process. I'm listening to the book...

One of the aspects of creating products I enjoy the most is the lessons I learn. As they say, the best way to learn is to teach.  This is so true because it forces you to focus and prepare since people are expecting something from you.  The responsibility you have to...

If you ever wanted to join in with me and a friend as we talk about business and technology, and just listen to our conversation, this podcast is a pretty good representation of what happens. [ Download MP3 | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Walter and I jump around...

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Whether you’re just getting started with the laptop lifestyle, or trying to grow your monthly income to 5 figures and beyond, we have resources designed to help.

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This is a podcast audio by Jonathan Mizel interviewing Perry Marshall. It reviews a lot of the basics of using Google AdWords. If you are familiar with AdWords you might find this audio a little redundant but for the newbies interested in learning how to use the...

This article is for people that have absolutely no idea what a podcast is, how they can use them and why they would want to bother at all. Before you continue if you have no idea what RSS is I strongly suggest you read this article first - What is RSS and How Do I Use...

Recently I posted the first part of this two-part podcast series about taking payments online. In this the second part I look more in depth at taking credit card payments online and complete my discussion of In particular I note my experiences with credit...

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