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I may make enemies of some of my fellow bloggers by saying this, but it has to be said... The current best-practice idea that you need to "be everywhere" in order to build traffic is bad advice. It's bad advice because most people follow it...

In October 2014 it was ten years since I started my first blog (not this one). The official ten year anniversary for this blog you are reading now was January 2015, and this year, 2017, is the ten year anniversary of the release of my flagship course, Blog Mastermind....

I grabbed my iPhone and recorded a quick video for you in my house in Melbourne. No professional microphone, no professional lighting, just a little bit of post-production editing to keep things interesting. In this less than 5-minute video I talk about the subject I...

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Whether you’re just getting started with the laptop lifestyle, or trying to grow your monthly income to 5 figures and beyond, we have resources designed to help.

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 [ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Erika Awakening tells a thoroughly entertaining story in this podcast interview. She explains how she went from a full time lawyer, had a near death experience, then started an internet...

As you know if you read my recent article about common email mistakes and the 50+ comments along with it, a big part of my new advanced blogging formula involves getting to know my audience better. I am pleased to say that the first part of this process is now up and...

[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] If you ever needed inspiration that a small niche passion could be turned into an income stream large enough to quit your day job, using just a blog, this is the story to listen to. Lance...

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