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1. Mindset And Productivity

Who Should Sign Up: You’re a beginner or you have struggled to get results before and you can’t figure out what you have been doing wrong.

Every cause of failure or frustration comes down to your mindset or inefficient practices. In this email course you will learn –

  • The first and most important mindset change you must make (that everyone gets wrong)
  • Why people fail and how you can guarantee your success
  • The number one productivity tool I have in my home office (including a video demonstration)

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2. How To Buy And Sell Blogs

Who Should Sign Up: You are just starting and want to fast-track your progress by buying an established blog or website, or you want to sell an existing blog or website so you can move on.

Why struggle to find a profitable topic and build an audience when you can buy already established blogs and websites. In this email series you will learn –

  • The quickest path to owning a profitable blog
  • How an acquisition strategy can double your traffic in one day
  • The full story behind my $100,000 website sale

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3. Blog Traffic For Beginners

Who Should Sign Up: Any blogger who is struggling with the challenge of building traffic to their blog.

This free email course introduces you to some fundamentals shifts in thinking about how you go about building traffic to your blog. You will learn –

  • Why you should NOT aim to “be everywhere” online to build traffic
  • How to make big money from small audiences
  • What is the most important thing you should focus on in order to grow your blog traffic

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4. Entrepreneur Interviews Newsletter

Who Should Sign Up: If you enjoy my EJ podcast interviews, this free email series will send you some of the best interviews I have done with online entrepreneurs and bloggers.

This series of emails will keep you motivated and teach you the behind the scenes details behind the success of many well known entrepreneurs including Tim Ferriss, Neil Patel, Chris Guillebeau and the founders of companies like, AWeber and 99Designs. You will learn –

  • How successful entrepreneurs first built their companies
  • What techniques established experts use to drive traffic and make sales
  • The type of mindset required to make millions online

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Blog Traffic Tips Newsletter Archives

The following lessons are from my original “blog traffic king” email newsletter, my first ever email course with one lesson per week delivered for over a year. There are some real gems in these articles too, so don’t skip them!

Videos From Newsletters

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