A Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money Blogging

A Step-By-Step Guide To Make
Money Blogging

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How You Can Start

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs-Journey guide to set up a profitable website or blog.

This page is a starting point to help you with three core objectives –

  1. Highlight the most relevant and valuable resources buried within this blog
  2. Guide you through the most optimal study order so you are not lost, and
  3. Give you action steps to take to deliver real results

If you are curious who created this guide, please go to the page to learn more about my story (Yaro Starak, the founder of this blog).

I recommend you bookmark this page as it will take some time to work through it all.

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Okay, ready to get busy? Good, let’s begin…

Step 1 Download The Blueprint, Get Website Hosting And Set Up Your Email List

Blog Profits Blueprint Download

Download The Blog Profits Blueprint

Setup Your Website Hosting

Step one before anything can happen with your online business is for you to set up a website.

To do this you need a domain name and a hosting account where you publish your website.

I recommend if you are just starting out you take advantage of the , which includes a free domain name.

You can sign up by clicking the banner below –

Setup Your Email List

Along with a website I strongly suggest you start your email newsletter from day one as well.

Your newsletter is the key to making big money online, so the sooner you start, the better.

I used for my newsletter when I first started and it served me well for 8 years. It’s the best option for you if you are new as well.

Sign for an AWeber trial by clicking the banner below –

Step 2 What You Are Going To Learn

As a summary, you are about to go through this process –

  • Find out where there is a need in the market and learn how people currently search online for answers to that need.
  • Build a website that is full of relevant content that helps people to meet that need.
  • Drive traffic to your website and convince a portion of those visitors to join your email newsletter.
  • Start making money from the audience you build using advertising, affiliate marketing and selling your own products.
  • Optimize the entire process so you don’t have to work long hours to keep it going.

In order to achieve these goals I will teach you five modules, which must be completed in the set order for best results. They are –

  1. Topic Selection and Setting Up Your Website
  2. Content Creation
  3. Traffic Generation
  4. Monetization (making money from your website)
  5. Optimization and Automation

While it only takes a few moments to read the above lists, the actual process to successfully complete each step can take weeks, months, and even years.

To keep you on track I’ve included an estimated timeframe to complete each module. I encourage you not to rush ahead as successful completion of each module is dependent on whether you did the work in the previous module. For example, there is no point trying to make money from your website (Module D) if you don’t have any traffic (Module C).

The teaching methodology I use in this guide is based on my experiences during the previous 10+ years deriving an income from the internet. It draws heavily on tutorials presented in the archives of this blog.

The core focus is how to make money with a blog, in particular one blog that you focus 100% of your energy on until it makes money, or you decide it’s not going to work. I recommend you focus for at least six months, to even a year, before deciding to move on to another project, and only if your current project is not showing any signs of success.

Although we focus on how to profit from a blog, what you are about to learn are internet marketing fundamentals that can be applied to almost all forms of online business. It doesn’t matter if you use a blog or not, these concepts are relevant if you plan to have some kind of website that makes money.

Since blog software is easy to use, is free, is what I use to set up my websites, and thousands of successful online businesses use too, I recommend you do the same. Instructions on how to set up your website using blog software are in the next step.

Throughout this guide I point you to various articles, podcast audios (mp3s you can download and listen to) and videos. Each of these resources were created at different times and some of the content may confuse you. Always return to this guide when you get lost because it is the roadmap that threads all the different resources together into a cohesive process.

I promise if you focus on studying the resources and taking the action steps I give you as you move through this guide, you will learn a tremendous amount about how to make money from the Internet. You may even make enough money to never need a job again!

Now let’s begin at the beginning, Module A starts next…

Step 3 Choose A Topic And Set Up Your Website Module A

While there are many different strategies and techniques you can use to develop an online income, they all have one thing in common:

You must service a need in a group of people who use the Internet to meet that need.

Your challenge is to identify a need with sufficient demand and then develop something to help people who have that need. If you get this wrong, you could end up building a website that no one visits, or you might have visitors, but they don’t spend any money, so it becomes very hard for you to make money.

When choosing a topic for your website you are attempting to combine different motivations into one successful outcome. Those motivations are –

  1. What you personally know about and feel confident you could help people with
  2. What activities you find enjoyable and are motivated to do every day
  3. What the market (people) actually want or need and will spend money on

This is not an easy decision and requires you consider both yourself and the people you want to help. Thankfully you don’t have to guess what people want, there are plenty of research tools and techniques you can use to figure out what people currently spend money on online. I will point you to some of these tools in the resources for this module.

Your goal is to find out where the traffic currently goes (what search keywords people use to find websites and what keeps them coming back for more), then set up a website that is positioned to capture some of that traffic. However before you can build a website or even choose a domain name for your website, you need to have a solid understanding of how people go about looking for answers to their questions, so you can make sure your website comes up as the top answer, and hence you get the traffic.

This might seem confusing right now, but don’t worry because I have a series of resources that will clarify this process for you.

A Note On Resources In This Guide

Each resource will take time to study and some of it you will not understand. That is okay, you don’t need to understand everything, only learn enough so that you can make a decision and take the next action. Don’t get stuck studying everything, action is what matters. Some of your decisions will be made in a state of confusion. That’s fine, do it anyway despite your lack of confidence.

I provide the best resources related to the subject you are learning about in all three media formats: text, audio and video (where available). Each resource is not complete, but may provide the answer you need.

The resources are taken from this blog, courses I have created and content produced for various purposes. Because of the broad variety of sources the materials will repeat concepts and often feel disjointed when studied one after the other. Repetition is a good thing, the more you repeat the more will sink in.

The tasks I give you (you will find tasks below the resources) are the actions you should take, so use them as a guide. Once the task is done you don’t need to study any more resources on that subject, move on to the next task and relevant resources to help you do it.

Here are the resources to help you determine what topic to focus your website on…

  • Estimated Time: 1 Week
  • Outcomes: Topic selected, domain name and website set up
  • Costs:
    • Approx $10/year domain name from
    • Approx $10/month for website hosting from ,
    • Optional costs for research tools like and
    • outsourcing to other people like Kerry from

Start Now…

Create Your Website With
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Study Resources Module A: Topic Selection

  • This 12 page report presents several proven techniques and psychologies on how to determine what topics are profitable online. If you want to know where the money is and what data you need to be certain, read this.

  • In this special audio presentation taken from the premium version of Become A Blogger, Gideon and I reveal how bloggers can go about finding a profitable topic.
  • |
    This is my original topic selection audio presentation from Blog Mastermind (normally for paying members only), which focuses on how to balance what you are passionate about and what can make you money with online.
  • |
    This two-part interview breaks down Adam Short’s niche website system. Adam has set up over 80 websites each designed to make anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per month. His system is fantastic for discovering topics where there is money to be made. Listen to this interview series and you will hear Adam break down every step of his process.
  • |
    In this two-part interview with Daryl Grant, one half of the husband and wife team “The Grants”, you will learn their system for finding profitable topics and how they then produce and sell ebooks. Their system is particularly clever because they figure out demand BEFORE making the ebook, increasing their chance of success and minimizing wasted effort.

[ Want More? Try ]

Extra Study: Topic Selection

  • [ Article | Related Resource: ]

Tools and Software

  • |
    Market Samurai is the leading keyword research tool, although it is not free (you can before buying it). It will help you determine what keywords people use to find information online, how many people search for each term and how much competition you face from other websites when targeting specific keyword phrases.

  • Google’s keyword planner is free and will give you plenty of data from Google’s servers on how many people are searching using keyword phrases, both locally and globally. Although it is free, it contains more than enough data to get you started.

Domain Name And Hosting Resources

Once you have a general idea of what topic you are going to focus on (it doesn’t have to be absolutely specific, just something to work with), the next step is to set up a website where you will deliver content about your topic.

To do this you will need to –

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Buy some web hosting for your website
  3. Set up the blog software WordPress to manage your website

You can do all of these steps yourself, or outsource the tasks to other people. Below in the resources box are plenty of instructions to help you do all three tasks. However for some people doing anything technical will always be too difficult. If that is you, use the resources that teach you how to find someone else to set up your site for you.

Once these tasks are done you will have completed this module. You will have a website up and running ready to fill with great content, that anyone with Internet access can reach at the domain name you purchase.

Study Resources Module A: Domain Name and Web Hosting

  • [ MP3 audio ]
    This is an audio recording I delivered to help my Blog Mastermind students choose a domain name. Although it is a bit old, the fundamental elements for deciding what your domain should include, which I reveal to you in the audio, are just as relevant today,
  • With my friends Gideon and Leslie we put together a series of 10 free videos to show you in very basic steps how to set up a WordPress Blog. Watch in the series for help choosing a domain name. Transcripts are also available if you prefer to read rather than watch videos.

  • John Jonas is an expert on outsourcing. In this interview he explains how he hires people to do technical jobs for him. Listen to this to learn how to find someone who can do the technical jobs, like setting up and maintaining your website, for you.

  • If you haven’t yet watched this video recording of a webinar with Adam Short, where he breaks down how he has created over 90 different websites on different topics that all make him money, now is the time to do so. Pay particular attention to the part where he explains how he hires people to set up websites and create info products for him.

Extra Study: Setting Up Your Website

– blog articles on outsourcing

Recommended Services

  • Register your domain name here.

* Most companies will provide both hosting and domain names. I recommend you use different services for each, using for your hosting and for your domain registration.

Module A Tasks

Step 4 Create The Right Content For Your Audience Module B

Content is the foundation of your website becoming successful. If you want people to visit your site there has to be a reason why.

In this module the resources focus on how to determine what people in your market consider valuable, how you can create that value and what formats are best to deliver to them. We focus on how to create all three media types – text, audio and video – so you can decide what type of content you feel capable of producing on a regular basis (and by regular, I mean every day!).

You have two core goals in this module –

  1. Fill your blog website full of valuable content over a period of months
  2. Create of some kind of valuable giveaway, such as a free report, as an incentive to join your email newsletter

My advice is to focus simply on writing articles to your blog first, at least one per day if you can. If you don’t like to write, learn how to create audio or video.

The other key outcome of this module is to begin setting up some kind of email newsletter so you can build your contact list. I recommend you start by offering a weekly “tips” newsletter, or an email course – for example five emails delivered one per day for a week.

Alternatively, you focus on writing a series of articles to your blog, which you then collect and put together into a free report, which you can create an audio version of too (by recording your own voice talking out the report). Then give this report away in exchange for joining your email newsletter.

The resources below will explain how you can do all of this, so get busy!

  • Estimated Time: 6 Months (you can do Module C: Traffic during this time as well)
  • Outcomes: At least 50 unique content resources (articles, audios and/or videos) available from your website, creation of one main resource to give away in exchange for joining your newsletter.
  • Costs:
    • $19 month
    • Optional costs for outsourcing,
    • software for video (Screenflow for mac, Camtasia for PC),
    • audio production equipment (microphone)

Start Now…

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Study Resources Module B: Content Creation

  • This is the original foundation article on what it takes to create compelling and traffic pulling content, which I labelled – Pillar Content – forming the “pillars” of a good blog or website. Read this and you will be off to a great start.
  • |
    In this MP3 audio taken from my training program, you will hear me explain what it takes to produce Pillar Content. You can read the text transcript PDF if you prefer that to listening.

  • This is the original newsletter where I first introduce the concept of the Pillar Article to my audience. It’s short and will make an impact.

  • The most important part of your articles is the headline. If you don’t learn how to craft compelling headlines, no one will read your articles. This article will teach you how.

  • If writing is not your thing or you want to add some multimedia to your content creation, podcasting is a fantastic option. I recommend interviewing people using Skype, which you then distribute as an audio file on your blog. Read this article to learn how to create podcast interviews.

  • If you are not familiar with the term “podcast”, read this introduction.

Extra Study: Compelling Content

Email Marketing Resources

Now that you are on top of creating great content for your website or blog you can begin the process of setting up an email newsletter, your other goal for this module.

To do this you will need to , the online service you use to collect newsletter subscribers and to send out emails to them.

In order to collect newsletter subscribers you will need to place opt-in boxes on your website where people can enter their name and email to join your newsletter. You may have seen a lightbox pop-up when you first came to this website that invited you to join my newsletter and get my free report. You will also have noticed the register box at the top of this page, another place people can sign up for my newsletter.

To learn how you can set up your newsletter and what it takes to have a successful email list, study the following resources…

Study Resources Module B: Email Newsletters

  • This is the email newsletter system I have used for more than five years. You can read my original review to learn more about it and get a . Note you will have to learn how to use Aweber by following the instructions and video tutorials the Aweber website provides.

  • PopUp Domination is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create a lighbox popup to entice people to join your newsletter. It’s the same plugin I use for the popup on this blog. You can read my review to find out how it works and how you can use it without annoying people too much.

  • Convincing people to join your email newsletter is very important because no subscribers equals no potential to make money. This article will teach you the 14 different ways I have used to attract people to join my newsletter.

  • This is a somewhat advanced article that teaches you the importance of segmenting your email list. Segmenting means you send emails only to people who show interest in what you send them, thus improving response and reducing the number of people who unsubscribe from your newsletter.

  • Confused about why you need both a blog/website and an email newsletter? This article will explain why and the key differences between them.

Extra Study: Email Marketing

Module B Tasks

Step 5 Drive Traffic To Your Website Module C

This is Module C and our focus is traffic. This module can be done at no cost, if you are willing to put in the time and energy to drive traffic yourself. Alternatively you can spend money to have other people help build your traffic, to pay for advertising or publicity campaigns, or to create specific materials you use for marketing.

The resources in this module present many techniques you can test on your website to see if they bring in traffic. You will learn about search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, article marketing, guest blogging, publicity marketing and various other tactics that are proven traffic sources.

Be careful not to waste your time on techniques that don’t work for you. I advise you to focus on finding the two or three techniques that provide the best results and stick to these, rather than jump from technique to technique. If something works, keep doing it and ignore the rest unless you have spare time or money.

Make sure when you attract traffic you accurately assess results using a statistics service such as (free). Monitor your results for long term gains. Short term spikes are nice, but retained traffic with a steady growth curve is more important. Also make sure you correlate an increase in unique visitors to your site with an increase in email newsletter sign-ups.

Here are the resources to study in the traffic module:

  • Estimated Time: 6 Months (completed at the same time as Module B)
  • Outcomes: Build your website up to 100 to 300 unique visitors per day and reach 1,000 email newsletter subscribers
  • Costs: Optional costs for outsourcing, advertising fees, publicity fees, creation of marketing resources, etc.

Start Now…

Create Your Website With
Create Your Newsletter With

Study Resources Module C: Traffic

  • |
    This is the original Blog Mastermind training audio I recorded to introduce the concept of “communication channels” to build traffic to a blog (normally for paying members only). You can listen to the audio or read the text transcript.
  • |
    This is the introductory video from inside the Premium version of the Become A Blogger program (normally for paying members only). I teach you the fundamentals behind how to build traffic in this 17 minute video presentation, or you can read the text transcript.
  • |
    This is a comprehensive 32 minute presentation on how to optimize the internal and external elements of a blog for maximum Google traffic, from inside the Premium version of Become A Blogger (normally for paying members only).

  • This 10-Page PDF is a combination of advice from Brian Clark (copyblogger.com) and my own experience conducting an Article Marketing experiment with EzineArticles.com. If you are wondering whether Article Marketing will work and how to do it, read this.

  • In this exclusive interview with Pete Williams from Melbourne Australia, Pete explains how he has consistently leverages the media, including print, radio and television, to advertise his businesses for free.

Extra Study: Search Engine Optimization

  • |

Extra Study: Publicity Marketing

Extra Study: Traffic Generation

Module C Tasks

    • Set up permalinks
    • Add a sitemap to your site and submit it to Google Webmaster tools
    • Ensure titles on your blog are set up correctly
    • comment marketing (leave three comments on 3 blogs every night before bed)
    • forum marketing (leave 5 lengthy posts in one popular forum every night)
    • facebook marketing (set up a page and start recruiting fans)
    • twitter marketing (set up a twitter account and start interacting with relevant people)
    • podcasting (create your first recording and submit it to iTunes)
    • video (create your first video and submit it to YouTube)
    • publicity (create a press release and submit it to media contacts)
    • link building (create content designed specifically to attract links)

Step 6 Test And Combine Different Money Making Methods Module D

This is module D, how to generate money from your website. We are going to focus on testing different monetization (the process of making money) methods until you find a combination that is consistently profitable.

The three broad categories of monetization you will learn about in this module are:

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Product Development

I suggest you work your way through the methods in the order listed above, since it is a lot easier to begin making money from advertising than selling your own product. That being said, you should make it your goal to eventually have your own products as that is by far the most lucrative method to make money. It is a smart idea to generate multiple streams of income, so you are not dependent on any one source.

The resources below present you with simple techniques for making money (for example advertising) and also more long term, overarching strategies for setting up a business behind your website (for example, how to construct a product ).

I recommend you keep it simple to begin with by placing some advertising on your blog or website and writing product reviews where you promote products as an affiliate. Experiment with different types of advertising and different products until you find some that make you money consistently.

Here are the resources that will teach you how to make money with your website…

  • Estimated Time: 6 Months (testing should begin only after you have traffic)
  • Outcomes: Earn your first $1 online, then progress to a steady $300 per month on average within 6 months
  • Costs: Optional costs for outsourcing, product creation, shopping cart/ecommerce system.

Start Now…

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Study Resources Module D: Making Money

  • If you have not read my short story of how I began making money from the Internet, this is a great introduction to the different methods I have used and what order I applied them in. You can also watch the video presentation I did at a networking event or listen to it in MP3 if you prefer audio.
  • Conversion Blogging Video Presentation |
    This is comprehensive presentation of how I have made money using this blog and my email newsletter. It covers the fundamentals of how this blog consistently brings in over $100,000 a year. If you’d like to SEE how it’s done, watch this.

  • In this video presentation from the Becomeablogger.com Premium video series (normally for members only), I reveal to you the various methods you can use to make money with a blog, including examples.
  • |
    Affiliate programs are my favorite method for making money because you can earn high margins yet never worry about providing customer support or even making the product. The principle is simple, you get a special link to promote someone else’s product or service and if you make sales, you earn a commission, sometimes as high as 50% of the price. Watch this video I made for Becomeablogger.com Premium to learn how it is done.
  • |
    One of the best ways to make money with affiliate programs is to publish product reviews. In this video from Becomeablogger.com Premium I will explain to you the system I use to write reviews that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions for me over the years.

How To Set-Up The Sales Funnel Model For Big Profits

This four part series of articles will introduce you to the Sales Funnel model of marketing. This specifically relates to how you use your website and email newsletter to first give people value for free, then sell them products at low price points, then higher priced points for more specific products. This is a proven format that has worked for businesses for a long time, and is just as relevant for an Internet business. This is a must read series if you want to make sustainable, long term income from your website business.

Extra Study: Making Money

  • | | |
    This four part series of articles tells my story in further depth. This series was written several years ago, so focuses on my early projects only.

Affiliate Marketing

Advertising And Affiliate Networks

These sites can find sponsors for your blog or website for you. The affiliate networks contain products you can promote and earn a commission for each sale you make.

Advanced: How To Create Your Own Product

If you are ready to create your own product and sell it from your website, I recommend a membership site or course because you get paid over and over again as your members pay regular fees. To help you learn my entire system for creating and selling a successful membership I wrote a comprehensive report called ““.

  • You can download a free copy in both text and MP3 audio at this page – .

Tools To Help You Sell Your Products

Module D Tasks

Step 7 Optimize And Automate Your Online Business
(Plus How To Sell Your Website) Module E

By the time you begin this module you should already have a money making website. This module is all about increasing your income and reducing your labor. To do this you will have to set up systems and possibly hire people to complete certain jobs.

The challenge for most people when they reach this stage is maintaining cash flow at the same time as working to remove yourself from the business. It can also be difficult to stabilize your income so you know each month you will make enough to live off, hopefully even more, invest funds into growth and manage that growth.

The best advice I can give you is to keep things simple. When you find something that works, avoid the temptation of always doing more and do not say yes to every single new opportunity that comes your way. Magnify what works, then remove yourself from the process, then consider new projects.

The resources below focus on how to optimize your business, in particular how to set up a customer service system, how to have someone else handle your email, how you can sell products before you create them and then sell them again and again using an automated launch sequence, how to keep traffic coming and produce content without you doing the work and how to set your business up for sale and eventually sell it for big profits.

I’ve also included some resources on how to sell your website if you decide it’s time to exit a project and want to make a big profit from the sale.

Here are the resources to study for Module E…

  • Estimated Time: Ongoing
  • Outcomes: Reduce your labor to a couple of hours per day and increase your income to at least $3,000 a month.
  • Costs: Optional costs for outsourcing, developing products, purchasing software systems, hiring staff, and growing a successful business.

Start Now…

Create Your Website With
Create Your Newsletter With

Optimization and Automation Resources

  • – This article is a great introduction into how you can leverage people and technology to automate your online business.

How To Set Up An Automated Customer Service System

– This four-part series of articles explains what goes into good customer support and how you can manage it so it doesn’t become a big job for you. and offer the most practical lessons if you want to see how I manage my own customer service needs.

How To Create A Sustainable Blogging Business

  • Blogging is hard work. If you want to turn your website into a real business that doesn’t demand 12 hour days, this series will teach you how to use blogs in sustainable online business models, which deliver long term income without the long working hours.

  • This case study reveals how I hired volunteer writers to keep one of my blogs going for no cost. Pay particular attention how I rewarded writers even though they received no financial payment.

  • If you have not yet downloaded and read or listened to the Membership Site Masterplan I strongly recommend you do so now. In particular, the chapters on technology, people and automation will help you understand how you can have a website that makes you money without doing much work, how other people can handle jobs you can’t do, and how you can make a lot of money quickly using a tactic called a “Product Launch” (which can be automated as well!).

Advice For Those Who Like To Travel

These articles are relevant for you if your primary goal is to earn enough money to quit your job and create a business that you can take with you while you travel.

How To Sell Your Website Business For Big Profits

If you’re ready to sell because you no longer want to run your online business or you just want the big cash injection that comes from selling your asset, these articles are a must read.

Extra Study: Automation and Systemization

Module E Tasks

Step 8 Bonus Step: Master Your Mind –
How To Think Like A Super-Human Bonus Module

I’ve left the best, and arguably most important step to last.

Everything in this section focuses on your mind. Your mind is the tool you use to complete the activities leading up to this point, so if you fail to achieve any of the 7 steps in this guide and eventually build a money making website, it’s because your thinking has let you down. Thinking leads to action and action leads to results. You need a unity of these elements if you are to succeed.

Personally this is my favorite area to work on and teach, so you will find some of the most comprehensive articles in the resources below. None of this is mandatory study, all the previous steps before this last section provide the tools you need to build a profitable website.

This section can help you in so many ways. You will learn how to think better, which will result in all aspects of your life improving. You will be healthier, get more done and become an all round happier person. You can make more money, have fulfilling relationships with people who enhance your life, and help other people. Perhaps most importantly, when things go wrong you will be much better equipped to handle it.

If you want true life transformation, these are the resources to follow…

  • Estimated Time: The rest of your life
  • Outcomes: Achieve business goals, become super healthy and stay happy no matter what life throws your way.
  • Costs: Your time to practice, investment in further education and training optional.

Start Now…

Create Your Website With
Create Your Newsletter With

How To Create Positive Change In Your Life Series

  1. This is an extensive series that covers my experience attempting to change various aspects of my life for the better, and the philosophies that I developed as a result. If you want to learn why I believe I am successful, and why most people struggle to get what they want, this is the series to read.

  2. One of the most popular articles ever published to this blog, which clearly offers advice that everyone needs from time to time. Read this if you feel like it’s all too hard and want to give up.

  3. The title says it all. I’ve known a lot of successful people and lot more people who haven’t achieved what they want. This article explains what is different between each group and how you can make sure you are one of the successful people.

  4. Continuing on with the theme of what makes people successful, this article shows you how you can avoid failure patterns using one simple mindset change.

  5. The source of most dissatisfaction in life relates to the past and the future, what happened to us and what we want in the future. This article goes into detail how you can enjoy satisfaction simply by letting go of these two false concepts.

Extra Study: Personal Development

Successful Case Studies

Frances KerrFrances Kerr

Income: $4,000 to $8,000 a month

Niche: Alternative Health, Skin Care, Acne Treatment


I worked very closely with Fran, helping her to grow her alternative health, acne treatment and skin care blog.

Alborz FallahAlborz Fallah

Income: $100,000+ a month

Niche: Cars


Alborz and I used to work a part time job at the local university computer help-desk. This particular job had the luxury of lots of spare time, which I used to write some of the very first articles on my blog. Alborz saw me blogging and jumped on the bandwagon, leading to the creation of .

Will HamiltonWill Hamilton

Income: $15,000 a month

Niche: Tennis


Will Hamilton is a professional tennis coach who turned his knowledge and passion into a six figure income, combining his blog with an email list and using YouTube as the main source of marketing.


The following lessons are from my original “blog traffic king” email newsletter, my first ever email course with one lesson per week delivered for over a year. There are some real gems in these articles too, so don’t skip them!


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