Month: September 2016

If you read this blog over a decade ago, you know that my first taste of living a Laptop Lifestyle came long before I started blogging – in fact blogs did not even exist back then, at least not the way we know them today. It’s more than 15 years...

When I first started blogging I cared most about how many people visited my blog. I would login and check my webstats every day (later Google Analytics), hoping to see a bump in traffic, or if something amazing happened, a big spike in traffic. It...

Over the last ten years teaching people how to make money blogging by far the number one reason that stops beginners from getting anywhere is this… They fail to set up their blog. I know, it sounds crazy, but more often than I can remember, when I ask...

Think of a movie or television star… …Now think of the movie or show they are most known for. (Arnold Schwarzenegger = Terminator, David Schwimmer = Friends, Kate Winslet = Titanic, Julia Roberts = Pretty Woman) Next think of an author. What book...

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