Month: January 2013

How is this for a claim to fame – earning at least $200,000 a year for the last four years straight online. That’s what Courtney Tuttle has achieved.

A long time ago I was researching what top level keyword phrase I wanted EJ to rank for in search engines. I decided to try the very challenging phrase “Internet Marketing”.

Last year I did a lot of online shopping, more shopping than I have ever done before. I suspect if you’re a net addict as I am, you spent more online last year than ever before too. Recent statistics show global e-retail sales are in the trillions of...

Clay Collins is the founder of Leadbrite, the company behind LeadPages and LeadPlayer, two tools that are fast becoming the go-to-standards when it comes to collecting leads online with video and landing pages.

Many years ago I coined the phrase “Pillar Article” or sometimes called, “Pillar Content”, to describe how to create great blog content. To my surprise, it really caught on in the blogging about blogging community and many thousands...

I’ve always been of the belief that success begins and ends in the mind. Techniques and systems work, but if the driver is inefficient and ineffective, failure is more likely than success. I consider myself a lifelong student of mindset, in particular...

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