Month: June 2012

Farnoosh Brock fled with her family from Iran to Turkey when she was eleven years old. They were supposed to leave only for a three-week holiday, but they never came back, choosing to depart from their war torn homeland for a better life.

This is an interview for anyone who has found themselves in a situation where their business is a trap. You want to leave but you can’t because without you the business doesn’t work, the staff depend on you and you’re so invested in it, you can’t even imagine how to quit.

Stephen Baxter is becoming a bit of an icon in my hometown of Brisbane.

He’s put in his own time and money to foster the start up scene with his River City Labs co-working space. He is helping a select few start ups with advice and seed funding, plus he has the reputation of a tech entrepreneur who has exited from some big deals, the biggest being the $373 million sale of PIPE networks.

Bret Thomson is a good buddy of mine and an exceptionally skilled copywriter. He’s one of those guys who earns at least $10,000 per copy contract and in this interview you will learn why.

When I first started an internet business and began studying online marketing, and in particular lifestyle design and productivity, I came to identify myself with the 80/20 Rule. You can read my original post explaining how the 80/20 Rule came into my life...

Adam Baker is a well known personal finance blogger. He established himself by doing something most people think is a bit, well, risky.

Adam and his wife brought home their first baby girl from the hospital, and then he immediately quit his job.

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