Month: May 2011

This is an entrepreneur diary-style post I wrote back in 2011 during a transition period with my business. While this content is very old now, you might still enjoy reading through my thinking process and all the amazing comments people left in reply —...

I was reading Dee’s recent article in his customer segmentation series where he talked about how to segment your blog readers. One of his main premises was the difference between a person who leaves a comment, or many comments and those who...

Often, the greatest challenge business owners encounter is identifying what is newsworthy about themselves and their business. This phenomenon is commonly described as not being able to see the forest for the trees. However, keeping your finger on the pulse...

This was a really fun interview for me.

Why? Because Scott Valdez, my guest entrepreneur on today’s podcast, started a business called Virtual Dating Assistants. Scott’s business is all about outsourcing your online dating so you only have to show up to go on the dates.

With a physical product, there are several ways to meet customers and market your business. In this week’s article, I write about doing trade shows and meeting potential customers face-to-face in a convention type of setting. I have noticed over the past...

Almost every article I write and almost every discussion I have about blogging goes pretty much the same way: If you write a lot of quality content, your blog can’t help but be successful. Whether your content is self-created, you have staff, or you rely...

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