Month: January 2011

[ Download MP3 | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Many years ago a new writer came on board a blog I used to own called His name was Jeff Barson and his industry is business advice for cosmetic surgeons, at least that’s the...

One of the most important decisions a new company with a product to sell will make is selecting a manufacturer.  While some design companies may decide to keep production local, most will choose an international factory for mass production, typically in Asia...

Print media is just one avenue of publicity that is available. Depending on your business or story, radio, TV and online may be more appropriate. In this article, I share my top tips for attracting TV and radio coverage how to prepare for them. TV And Radio...

Many a time I’ve received a question from a person who has English as a second language, regarding their options for writing a blog and whether they should focus on English since most success stories seem to be from English websites. I almost always recommend they consider their native tongue first, as the opportunities there are potentially significant due to the reduced competition compared to the English market.

Author’s Update: I have made a few changes to the article below for the following reasons. The tone of the article was perceived by some to be negative towards Tim Ferriss. This is in no way true. For example, my use of the term “hype” is not to...

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