Month: December 2010

I watched a video from Tyrone Shum. It was a confessional video, from the heart, where Tyrone apologised to his audience for misleading them regarding how much money he makes online. His apology sparked some thoughts regarding internet marketers,...

Contacting and communicating with the media is an art in itself. Whether or not your item will make the news often depends largely on the initial contact you make. In this article, we will look at the best way of approaching print media, including newspapers...

In my last article I mentioned there are two Tonys who I am currently receiving coaching from. Last week I wrote about Tony Horton and his P90X training program and how it helped me smash through some long-held body image limiting beliefs. Today I’d...

I currently have two coaches in my life and they both happen to have the name “Tony”. I’m not working with these two Tonys personally, though it feels like it for me as they “talk” to me every day. One is Tony Horton, who you...

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