Month: September 2009

It’s interesting as a marketer to watch how the Internet has changed over the last ten years, especially what has changed for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. When I started investigating how to make money online in the late nineties, most...

I had a meeting with a friend and his business partner last week. The request was to “pick my brain” on the best way to move forward to generate some passive income streams online. These two particular people are like a lot of people I know....

 [ Download MP3 | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] John Jonas and I spent several months trying to connect to get this interview done, but it was worth the wait. I was referred to him via Adam Short from Niche Profit Classroom as a guy who has a unique...

In the previous article on living the 2-hour workday I introduced the concept of travel buffers, cash created either through saving or selling assets that is designed to give you a buffer of capital you can comfortably spend if you need to while you travel....

Andrew Warner is passionate about entrepreneurship and loves talking with his fellow entrepreneurs. He came to my attention when he recently interviewed Gideon Shalwick on his current blog, Mixergy, which features tons of great video interviews with leading entrepreneurs.

Towards the end of my trip around the world in 2008 I started to lose interest in seeing the typical tourist spots, even if the destinations were exotic countries or ancient monuments from cultures long passed. After visiting many amazing buildings and sites...

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