Month: June 2008

In this final piece of a four part article series on customer service we look at one of the key components of a successful Internet business – a good customer support person. If you have been following along this journey you will remember how Starbucks...

This is the third part in a four part series of articles on customer service. In part one we looked at a example from Starbucks customer service, where a simple free beverage voucher left a lasting positive impression on me. You can read this article here...

In my previous post about Starbucks reputation management we looked at how a few good customer service systems can be used as a marketing strategy to encourage word of mouth and result in a competitive advantage. In the case of people like me and many of...

I was traveling around Queen Street West in downtown Toronto this week and as always I popped into a Chapters bookshop (like a Borders). In Canada most bookshops have either a Starbucks or a Second Cup coffee shop. Many of the posts in this blog were created...

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