Month: February 2006

It’s probably just the Google Dance (PageRank) update still going on and if you follow your PageRank I’m sure you have noticed this too – but doesn’t it seem that PageRank is dynamic now rather than static in-between updates? I notice...

Advertiser’s dilemma I’m a 20-something male. I’m affluent. I have ample spending money, few responsibilities and even fewer liabilities. Potentially, I’m a fantastic customer. I’m ripe and ready to be funnelled into long term...

Back when I was running an English school one of the greatest challenges was juggling staff. Finding talented people that were available when I needed them was difficult and unfortunately since I could only offer casual hours most teachers didn’t stay...

One of the most common roadblocks for non-technical people to get into online marketing or start an Internet business is the issue of finding IT talent and in particular locating someone to design your website. Most small businesses outsource web design...

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