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Daryl Grant: How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Part 2

This is the second and concluding part of the interview with Daryl Grant, who with her husband Andrew () make over $250,000 USD selling multiple information products on various niche topics through the web.

You can download part one of this interview here –

Part 2 Show Notes

Daryl and I continue discussing the specific details on how her business works. In particular we cover –

  • How she finds profitable niches.
  • How she gets traffic to sales pages.
  • How the books are written (she doesn’t write them herself).
  • How she gets the copywriting done for the sales pages.
  • I ask Daryl whether she uses affiliates to sell her products for her and why she chose as the payment processor for her products.
  • Daryl offers some advice for people considering following in her footsteps and building a passive income online.

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